The BME Exotic Quantum Phases Seminar focuses on condensed-matter physics, strongly correlated and non-equilibrium quantum systems, quantum information, topology, and the intersection of these, including both theory and experiment.


Online talks since 2021 Feb 15:


Guidelines for speakers: Please prepare a 45-minute talk. If it gets a bit longer due to questions, that's okay. There's also a few-minute "formal" discussion at the end of the seminar. The audience consists mostly of theorists working at the interface of condensed matter and quantum information, seniors, postdocs, grad students, undergrad students. For external speakers, we suggest that they spend the first half of their talk on introduction, and use the second half for exposing their problems, methods, results. We use Microsoft Teams for the online seminars. The speaker can participate in the seminar's Teams meeting as an external participant: he/she needs only the meeting's link to join via a browser (Chrome recommended), no installation of Teams, or any registration, are required. 


List of talks, 2020 April - 2021 Feb


  • EQP, 2021-02-01 14:15
    András Dombi (Wigner)
    Collective self-trapping of atoms in a cavity

  • EQP, 2021-01-25 14:15
    László Bacsárdi (BME)
    Secure quantum communications: sky is not the limit

  • EQP, 2021-01-18 14:15
    Ádám Bácsi (Győr)
    Dissipation-Induced Luttinger Liquid Correlations in a One-Dimensional Fermi Gas

  • EQP, 2021-01-11, 14:15 (organized together with the Nanoelectronics Group)
    Alfredo Levy-Yeyati (Madrid)
    Revealing the fine structure of Andreev level in nanowire Josephson junctions

  • EQP, 2020-12-14 14:15
    Judit Romhányi (UC Irvine)
    Spin Hall and Chern insulator phases realized by triplet excitations

  • EQP, 2020-12-07 14:15
    Christian Roos (Innsbruck)

    Quantum simulation with strings of trapped ions
  • EQP, 2020-11-23 14:15
    Pavel Aseev (Basel)
    Effects of electron-phonon interaction and noisy gate potential on energies and level broadening of Majorana bound states

  • EQP, 2020-11-16 14:15
    Ion Cosma Fulga (IFW Dresden)
    Triple point fermions in a minimal symmorphic model

  • EQP, 2020-11-09 14:15
    Tamás Haidekker Galambos (Basel)
    Superconducting Quantum Interference in Edge State Josephson Junctions

  • EQP, 2020-11-02 14:15
    Ananda Roy (TU Münich)
    The quantum sine-Gordon model with quantum circuits

  • EQP, 2020-10-26 14:15
    Pasquale Scarlino (EPFL)
    Microwave Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics with superconductor-semiconductor hybrid technology 

  • EQP, 2020-10-19 14:15
    Attila Szabó (Cambridge)
    Neural network wave functions and the sign problem

  • EQP, 2020-10-05 14:15
    Zoltán Zimborás (Wigner/BME)

    Mitigation of readout errors in near-term quantum devices by classical post-processing based on detector tomography
  • EQP, 2020-09-28 14:15
    Benjamin D'Anjou (Ulm)
    A generalized figure of merit for qubit readout

  • MM, 2020-09-25 8:30
    Arne Grimsmo (U Sydney)
    Dispersive readout of Majorana qubits

  • EQP, 2020-09-21 14:15
    Gábor Halász (Oak Ridge)
    Toward Kitaev's sixteenfold way in a honeycomb lattice model

  • EQP, 2020-09-14 14:15
    Rok Zitko (Ljubljana)
    Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states in superconducting island with finite charging energy

  • EQP, 2020-08-10 14:00
    Tamás Kriváchy (Geneva)
    A neural network oracle for quantum nonlocality problems in networks

  • MM, 2020-08-07 9:15
    Florian Venn (Cambridge)
    Error-correction and noise-decoherence thresholds for coherent errors in planar-graph surface codes

  • MM, 2020-07-24 9:15
    Hongming Weng (Beijing)
    Topological Materials from Layer Constructions: LaSbTe and BaHgSn family

  • EQP, 2020-07-06 14:00
    Dániel Varjas (TU Delft)
    Hybrid kernel polynomial method

  • EQP, 2020-06-29 14:00
    Balázs Pozsgay (BME)
    Current operators and their mean values in integrable spin chains

  • MM, 2020-06-26 9:15
    Adriaan Vuik (ex-TU Delft)
    Reproducing topological properties with quasi-Majorana states

  • EQP, 2020-06-22 14:00
    Gergely Zaránd (BME)
    Topologically protected, correlated end spin formation in carbon nanotubes

  • MM, 2020-06-19 9:15
    Fabian Hassler (Aachen)
    Weak measurement protocols for Majorana bound state identification

  • MM, 2020-06-12 9:15
    Gergő Roósz (TU Dresden)
    Interacting Majorana modes on surfaces of noncentrosymmetric superconductors

  • EQP, 2020-06-08 14:00
    Szabolcs Csonka (BME)
    Non-local probing of Yu-Shiba-Rusinov-state

  • MM, 2020-05-15 9:15
    Morten Munk (Copenhagen)
    Parity-to-charge conversion in Majorana qubit readout

  • EQP, 2020-04-27 14:00
    Izabella Lovas (TU Munich)
    Quantum Coulomb glass on the Bethe lattice

  • MM, 2020-04-24 9:15
    Jacob Steiner (FU Berlin)
    Readout of Majorana qubits