Searching for electromagnetic transients the Fermi GBM data with ADWO

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Electromagnetic transients in Gamma Ray Bursts
2016. 12. 02. 10:15
BME Fizikai Intézet, Elméleti Fizika Tanszék, Budafoki út 8. F-épület, III lépcsőház, szemináriumi szoba
Zsolt Bagoly (ELTE Dept. Complex. Syst.)

We present a new method to search for non-triggered, short-duration transients in the data-set of the Fermi's Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM). The method, called Automatized Detector Weight Optimization (ADWO), combines the data of all available detectors and energy channels, identifying those with the strongest signal. ADWO is ideal to search for electromagnetic (EM) counterparts of gravitational wave (GW) events, when the time of the event is well known from the GW-detectors' observation as well as for identifying non-triggered short gamma-ray bursts (SGRBs). We have successfully identified GRB150522, and possible EM counterparts of transients GW150914 and LVT151012.