Superconducting Quantum Interference in Edge State Josephson Junctions

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Interference in Edge State Josephson junctions
2020. 11. 09. 14:15
online (Teams)
Tamás Galambos (Basel)
We study superconducting quantum interference in a Josephson junction linked via edge states in two-dimensional (2D) insulators. We consider two scenarios in which the 2D insulator is either a topological or a trivial insulator supporting one-dimensional (1D) helical or nonhelical edge states, respectively. In equilibrium, we find that the qualitative dependence of critical supercurrent on the flux through the junction is insensitive to the helical nature of the mediating states and can, therefore, not be used to verify the topological features of the underlying insulator. However, upon applying a finite voltage bias smaller than the superconducting gap to a relatively long junction, the finite-frequency interference pattern in the nonequilibrium transport current is qualitatively different for helical edge states as compared to nonhelical ones. 
Reference: T. Galambos et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 157701 – Published 9 October 2020