Secure quantum communications: sky is not the limit

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Secure quantum communication
2021. 01. 25. 14:15
online (Teams)
László Bacsárdi (BME)

Abstract: "Quantum key distribution, quantum internet, quantum networks – only few selected topics from the growing domain of secure quantum communications. After a short instruction to quantum communications, the lecture will detail selected areas including Quantum Enhanced Networks and Quantum Information Networks and the debate between trusted nodes and untrusted nodes based quantum key distribution (QKD) systems which have terrestrial and/or space segments as well. The related activities at the BME Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics will be highlighted as well including our quantum random number generators, single photon based QKD and continuous variable based QKD experiments."


About the speaker: László is an associate professor and the head of the Mobile Communications and Quantum Technologies Laboratory at the BME Department of Networked Systems and Services. He obtained his MSc in computer engineering in 2006, and his PhD in 2012. He became corresponding member of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) in 2019. His current research interests are in Industry 4.0, quantum computing and space-based quantum communications.