Nuclear astrophysics in the era of high precision astrophysics - an experimentalist's view

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Nuclear astrophysics and precision astrophysics
2021. 02. 26. 10:15
online (Teams)
György Gyürki (Atomki)
Based on the progress of the last almost 100 years, it has become common knowledge that nuclear reactions are responsible for the energy generation of stars as well as for the synthesis of chemical elements building up our universe. Moreover, the nuclear physics background of astrophysical processes is relatively well understood. On the other hand, in the 21th century astrophysical observations and astrophysical models reached unprecedented precision. Consequently, the knowledge of nuclear reactions taking place in various astrophysical events is often not good enough, which represents the highest uncertainty of the models.
Experimental and theoretical study of nuclear reactions of astrophysical relevance is therefore highly needed. In this talk I will use some examples to illustrate the difficulties and methods of experimental nuclear astrophysics in trying to fulfill the needs of high precision astrophysics.