A toy model of emergent spacetime and the associahedron

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A toy model of emergent spacetime
2021. 04. 16. 10:15
online (Teams)
Péter Lévay (BME)
According to a recent trend claims have been made that spacetime geometry is emerging from quantum information where entanglement is the glue. Or that spacetime structure is encoded into patterns of entanglement. In this talk by employing a simple toy model we would like to answer the question: how this can happen?
It is shown that in the case of our toy model the essence of encoding is governed by a combinatorial object, called the associahedron.
We also point out that similar combinatorial structures appear in studies of tree level scattering amplitudes of gauge theory within a recent incarnation of the field of S-matrix theory. These structural similarities might be used for obtaining further insight into conceptual issues concerning the notion of emergent space time.