Coherent electron shuttling as an adiabatic transition in the open quantum system

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Coherent electron shuttling
2021. 12. 07. 14:15
online (Teams)
Jan Krzywda (Warsaw)
As predicted by the Landau-Zener model, isolated quantum system driven though avoided crossing remains in its ground state provided external drive is sufficiently slow. We show the opposite might be true in presence of coupling between the system and its environment, as the longer transition time allows for energy exchange. As an example we analyze, relevant for scaling of future quantum computer [1], coherent shuttling of electron in realistic Silicon and GaAs nanostructures [2,3].
[1] L. M. K.  Vandersypen et al., Interfacing spin qubits in quantum dots and donors—hot, dense, and coherent, npj Quantum Information 3, Article number: 34 (2017)
[2] Jan A. Krzywda, Łukasz Cywiński, Adiabatic electron charge transfer between two quantum dots in presence of 1/f noise, Phys. Rev. B 101, 035303 (2020)
[3] Jan A. Krzywda, Łukasz Cywiński, Interplay of charge noise and coupling to phonons in adiabatic electron transfer between quantum dots, Phys. Rev. B 104, 075439 (2021)