Approximate quantum gate synthesis

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Approximate quantum gate synthesis
2022. 02. 18. 10:15
online (Teams)
Péter Rakyta (ELTE)
I will describe a novel numerical approach to decompose quantum programs in terms of single- and two-qubit quantum gates with close-to-optimal CNOT gate count[1]. In particular, it turns out that 15 and 63 CNOT gates are sufficient to decompose a general 3- and 4-qubit unitary, respectively. In addition, the algorithm can be adapted to sparse inter-qubit connectivity architectures provided by current intermediate-scale quantum computers, needing only few additional CNOT gates to be implemented in the resulting quantum circuits. I will provide a benchmark comparison of the SQUANDER package implementing our algorithm with the state-of-the-art quantum synthesis tools by decomposing quantum programs accessible in online databases.
[1] P. Rakyta and Z. Zimboras, “Sequential quantum gate decomposer (SQUANDER),” 2021. [Online].