Simulating Lindbladian evolution with non-abelian symmetries

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Lindbladian evolution with non-abelian symmetries
2022. 05. 20. 10:15
BME building F, seminar room of the Dept. of Theoretical Physics & Online
Miklós Werner (BME)
We develop [1] a non-Abelian time evolving block decimation (NA-TEBD) approach to study of open systems governed by Lindbladian time evolution, while exploiting an arbitrary number of abelian or non-abelian symmetries. We illustrate this method in a one-dimensional fermionic SU(2) Hubbard model on a semi-infinite lattice with localized particle loss at one end. We observe a ballistic front propagation with strongly renormalized front velocity, and a hydrodynamic current density profile. For large loss rates, a suppression of the particle current is observed, as a result of the quantum Zeno effect. Operator entanglement is found to propagate faster than the depletion profile, preceding the latter.
[1]: CP Moca, MA Werner, Ö Legeza, T Prosen, M Kormos, G Zaránd: arXiv:2112.15342