Silicon-based quantum computing: Scaling strategies

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Silicon-based quantum computing
2022. 05. 31. 14:15
online (Teams)
Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba (Quantum Motion)
1) Compilation and scaling strategies for a silicon quantum processor with sparse two-dimensional connectivity, O. Crawford, J. R. Cruise, N. Mertig, M. F. Gonzalez-Zalba,
2) Fast high-fidelity single-shot readout of spins in silicon using a single-electron box, G. A. Oakes, ..., F. Gonzalez-Zalba,
About the speaker: Fernando is an experimental physicist, working as the Lead Quantum Engineer at the quantum hardware company Quantum Motion Technologies, a part-time Associate Lecturer at University of Cambridge, and an Honorary Research Associate at University College London. After obtaining his nanotechnology PhD from Cambridge in 2013, he continued his research in Cambridge, working jointly with Hitachi Europe, where he was Head of Quantum Computing between 2018 and 2020. During these years, he has developed state-of-the-art experimental techniques, aiming at quantum computing with single electrons in silicon-based nanostructures.