Hole-spin qubits in silicon and germanium

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Hole-spin qubits in silicon and germanium
2022. 07. 14. 10:00
BME building F, seminar room of the Dept. of Theoretical Physics
Bence Hetényi (Basel)

Leveraging the industry-standard fabrication techniques, spin qubits in silicon and germanium quantum dots are amongst the most potent platforms for scalable quantum computing. Hole-spin qubits come with the benefit of a strong and highly tunable Rashba spin-orbit interaction, providing a crucial overhead compared to their electronic counterparts. Even though hole states resolve some of the key challenges of electron-spin qubits, the strong spin-orbit interaction of holes comes at a price. In my talk, I will consider the milestone experiments with hole-spin qubits and present some of the recent theoretical proposals to overcome the material-specific challenges. In particular, I will discuss qubit decoherence due to charge noise, the anisotropy of the hole-spin exchange interaction and how it influences the performance of two-qubit gates.