Weyl points in ball-and-spring mechanical systems

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Weyl points in ball-and-spring mechanical systems
2023. 03. 31. 10:15
BME building F, seminar room of the Dept. of Theoretical Physics
Zoltán Guba (BME)
Degeneracy points of parameter-dependent Hermitian matrices play a fundamental role in quantum physics, as illustrated by the concept of Berry phase in quantum dynamics, the Weyl semimetals in condensed-matter physics, and the robust ground-state degeneracies in topologically ordered quantum systems. Here[1], we construct simple ball-and-spring mechanical systems, whose eigenfrequency degeneracies mimic the behaviour of degeneracy points of electronic band structures. These classical-mechanical arrangements can be viewed as de-quantized versions of Weyl Josephson circuits, i.e., superconducting nanostructures proposed recently to mimic band structure effects of Weyl semimetals. In the mechanical setups we study, we identify degeneracy patterns beyond simple Weyl points, including the chirality flip effect and a quadratic degeneracy point. Our theoretical work is a step toward simple and illustrative table-top experiments exploring topological and differential geometrical aspects of physics.
[1]: Z Guba, Gy Frank, G Pintér, A Pályi: Weyl points in ball-and-spring mechanical systems,  arXiv:2302.08241