Lévay, Péter

Research associate professor

MTA-BME Condensed Matter Research Group
F III. GF 4.
levay.peter (at) ttk.bme.hu
+36 1 463 2323


  • Mathematical methods in physics (practice)
  • Modern mathematical methods in physics
  • Theory of relativity
  • Modern mathematics for physicists
  • Selected topics from quantum mechanics
  • Theoretical physics for mathematicians I-II-III
  • Preengineering -electricity and optics



  • Mathematical physics
  • Geometrical and group theoretical methods in quantum theory
  • Geometric phases
  • Algebraic and automorphic scattering theory
  • Quantum chaos
  • Geometrical aspects of quantum entanglement
  • Finite geometric methods in quantum theory
  • Black hole solutions in string theory

Selected publications

Barnabás Apagyi, Péter Lévay and Károly Ladányi

Anomalies of the Schwinger phase shifts in the Static Exchange Approximation

Phys. Rev. A 37, 4577-4581 (1988)

Péter Lévay

Geometrical description of SU(2) Berry phases

Phys. Rev. A 41, 2837?2840 (1990)

Péter Lévay

Quaternionic gauge fields and the geomeric phase

Journal of Mathematical Physics 32 2347-2357 (1991)

Péter Lévay

Berry Phases for Landau Hamiltonians on deformed tori

Journal of Mathematical Physics 36, 2792-2802 (1995)

Péter Lévay, David McMullan and Izumi Tsutsui

The canonical connection in quantum mechanics

Journal of Mathematical Physics 37 625-636 (1996)

Péter Lévay

Berry's Phase, chaos, and the deformations of Riemann Surfaces

Phys. Rev. E 56, 6173-6176 (1997)

Péter Lévay

Chaotic Aharonov-Bohm scattering on surfaces of constant negative curvature

J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 33 4129-4141

Lévay Péter and Ken Amos

An algebraic model of Coulomb scattering with spin

J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 34 3877-3886


Péter Lévay

Geometry of three-qubit entanglement

Phys. Rev. A 71 012334 (2005)

Péter Lévay, Szilvia Nagy and János Pipek

Elementary formula for entanglement entropies of fermionic systems

Phys. Rev. A 72 022302 (2005)

Péter Lévay

Stringy Black Holes and the Geometry of Entanglement

Phys. Rev. D 74, 024030 (2006),hep-th/0603136


Péter Lévay 

Strings, black holes, the tripartite entanglement of seven qubits and the Fano plane

Phys. Rev. D75, 024024 (2007),hep-th/0610314

Péter Lévay, and Péter Vrana

Three fermions with six single-particle states can be entangled in two inequivalent ways 

Phys. Rev. A78, 022329 (2008),arxiv:0806.4076

Péter Lévay, Metod Saniga, Péter Vrana and Petr Pracna

Black Hole Entropy and Finite Geometry

Phys. Rev. D79, 084036 (2009) arXiv:0903.0541


Leron Borsten, Michael J. Duff, Péter Lévay 

The black-hole/qubit correspondence: an up-to-date review 

Class.Quantum Grav. 29, 224008 (2012) arXiv:1206.3166 (2012)

Péter Lévay, Gábor Sárosi 

Hitchin functionals are related to measures of entanglement 

Phys. Rev. D86 , 105038 (2012) arXiv:1206.5066 (2012)

Péter Lévay, Fréderic Holweck 

Embedding qubits into fermionic Fock space: Peculiarities of the four qubit case 

Phys. Rev. D91 ,125029 (2015) arXiv:1502.04537(2015)

Péter Lévay, Szilvia Nagy, János Pipek, Gábor Sárosi 

The coupled cluster method and entanglement in three fermion systems 

J. Math. Phys. 58 1063 (2017) arXiv:1506.06914(2015)

Péter Lévay, Frédéric Holweck, Metod Saniga 

A fermionic code related to the exceptional group E8 

J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 51 (2018) arXiv: 1801.06998 (2018)

Péter Lévay and Frédéric Holweck 

A finite geometric toy model of space-time as an error correcting code 

arXiv: 1812.07242 (2018), accepted for publication in press, PRD (2019)





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